Friday, February 20, 2015

Week 4

So week 4 I have continued to do more research, started a pinterest board and after viewing the space, have decided to add an interactive aspect to my final show project. I ordered some temporary tattoo paper off the internet and would like to use it during my final project show. I think I will design some different temporary tattoos and would like to have a space set up that anyone and everyone can apply them at the show and then have their picture taken, to show that literally everyone can have a tattoo and it does not apply to just a certain culture.

Here are some arguments against tattoos and piercings in the workplace, and in general.

unkempt + tattoos may = bad impression
trashy/ places like neck, face, and hand or tongue ring
excessive could be lower class
lack of education
make seniors "uncomfortable" "offend" them
too masculine
offensive and unclean
piercings are gross
emotional issues
lost or trying to find themselves
that's going to look bad when you're 60
someone that is not employed
they disrespect society, they are trapped
they are crazy
distracting to children, children are afraid
little ones are impressionable
no professional
if the military has to cover them, any other profession should
people don't want heavily tatted or pierced people being the image of their company
trust issue
society is not fully accepting
customers have personal biases
it's not a handicap
could impede on their ability to sell
people are judgemental
impacts the work environment as a whole
business owners and managers must have full discretion
associated with gangs, prison time and sailors
no respect for the body
giving the finger to societal norms, shows immaturity and rebelliousness. A person thinks more of themselves than others
may show symptoms of mental issues

Friday, February 13, 2015

Degree Project Week 3


Week 4: Start mood board and inspiration

Week 5: Begin branding and naming, schedule interviews

Week 6: Begin low content wireframes

Week 7: Midterm presentations

Week 8: Spring break

Week 9: High content wireframes and site map

Week 10: Apply branding elements

Week 11: Propose possible change

Week 12: Formal presentation

Week 13: Finalize project

Week 14: Show prep

Week 15: Senior show

So this week I continued to do some research and looked into current state laws. MHRA states that it is "unlawful to fail or refuse to hire or discharge or otherwise discriminate against any individual, because of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, ancestry, age or disability. Only Kansas City, St. Louis and Columbia include the discrimination based on sexual preference. I find this interesting because they list color and race separately but do not define what constitutes color, which I believe that tattoos could possibly fall under this category. "An employer may not refuse to hire a particular male or female because of stereotypes of the applicant's gender". This one is interesting because in a case that someone had reported in my survey, they were asked to remove their nose ring(septum) because it was manly but other female employees were allowed to have them on the nostril. It also says that employers must make reasonable accommodations without undue hardship to the business in accordance to their religion. OSHA does not mention anything as far as tattoo and piercings in the workplace as a safety hazard. A problem that is becoming more abundant is that according to Title VII, "decisions appear inconsistent and employers and employees are uncertain of their rights and responsibilities". Cases to look at are Sedum v. Starbucks, Jespersen v. Harrah's Operation Co. and Cloutier v. Costco Corp. These cases deal with different cases of discrimination based on appearance. I then tried to find the handbook from my past employer but was unable to find one online. What I did find was that "Starwood supports and upholds the elimination of discriminatory practices with respect to employment and occupation, and promotes and embraces diversity in all aspects of its business operations". I found this to be extremely wrong in my case, they did not embrace diversity even though my appearance did not hurt the business. There was never a complaint about my appearance by any customer or employee, therefore, like other cases it should not have been a term for dismissal.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Monument Sculpture

So our monument is to surfing. We are creating a monument on Hawaii's north shore to memorialize the surfers that have lost their lives at that location, being one of the most dangerous surf spots in the world. Our sculpture has progressed to a more abstract interpretation of people joining together to create a wave, and is more representational of the wave.

This is our early sketches of our sculpture

Here is the beach scene being made.

This is the 3rd attempt using clay to make the sculpture. The original design was too delicate and wasn't working out so we simplified it even more.

Here is the sculpture on the our scenery, we are going to paint the sculpture and then just have water left to add. We are also talking about adding some kind of light source.


So in general I think emoji's are pointless. I never use them other than just like a smiley face. I think the video and the article are interesting because people don't understand that they were created by an Eastern culture and we have different meanings for things in Western culture. I feel that because images can be interpreted so many different ways I don't think they are functional in the form of a message through text or email or whatever. Words get the point across better, and even there people misinterpret meanings.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Degree Project Week 2

So for my second week I am analyzing my results from the survey that I put out on Facebook. I shared and asked others to share to get the largest possible diverse group I could within my limits. I got nearly 200 results, not everyone answered every question so I will give percentages for each question answered. From these answers I will determine what kind of audience I need to appeal to, who is it that I need to convince? And what are their arguments against it?


18-30- 57%
31-40- 21%
41-50- 14%
51-60- 6%
61-70- 2%
71-80- .01%


Male- 23%
Female- 77%

States- MO, KS, TN, FL, TX, NM, CA, OK, CO, and Brazil

Would you support a change?

Yes- 57%
No- 26%
Maybe- 16%