Monday, January 26, 2015

Degree Project: Body Modification

So over break I was sort of stuck on what I wanted to do regarding my subject of tattoos and body modification. Unfortunately, during this time I was fired from my job after 2 years of work for refusing to take out my earrings. This lead me to the realization that I want to do some kind of campaign for tattoo acceptance. I felt extremely discriminated against, and because of Missouri and Federal law there is nothing I can do about it. I feel that appearance should be something that is protected under our civil liberties and should be a category of discrimination. So this is what I want to focus on. I have been doing some research and there is an organization called STAPAW that already exists. I want to do something similar to their cause but make it my own, and maybe even fight for the state of Missouri to change their law. So my question is:

How can I use design to make an impact by creating awareness and garner support for individuals who are discriminated against because of their body modification.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Final VA Project: Inspire

Volunteering with Halo

While working on our project, we volunteered with Halo at Spofford house. We were able to use one of our lesson plan notecards to teach the boys there an art project. Most of the kids followed the directions of the project, but they all enjoyed making art and telling us all about themselves

Degree Project Proposal

For my degree project, I would like to combine one of my passions with design to create a learning system that can be easily accessible. I would like to research how to tattoo as this is usually only available under an apprenticeship which is sometimes difficult to come by. The tattoo community is usually very secretive which then leads to misinformed people who want to learn the art of tattooing and aren’t taught the proper techniques and sanitation. We’ve all seen those pictures of horrible tattoos and hear the horror stories about people getting tattooed with dirty needles or their tattoo becoming infected. The secrecy actually works against the tattoo community giving it a bad reputation. I want to reverse this stigma and make it an open community that embraces new people who are eager to learn more.
I am wanting to design an easily identifiable system that leans away from the traditional aesthetic of tattoo and introduce a more rounded aesthetic that combines multiple art backgrounds that these people may not be knowledgeable about if they did not get a higher education with an emphasis in art history. I want to be able to reach everyone and create a way for even the less fortunate, whom cannot afford a $5000 2 week course or have connections for an apprenticeship to be able to learn the proper way to tattoo if they want to.

I am wanting to create a book that will have all the info needed for the beginner tattoo artist and will teach everything from how to set up the equipment, to tips and tricks and more elaborate tattoo work like portraiture. If I am able to get interviews, I am hoping to also create video to accompany and possibly promote the book and the tattoo industry. I am also hoping to design a website for Emmy’s class that will correspond to my degree project, that will be an open forum for people in the business to share tips and advice and promote their work. I, myself will be practicing this project myself to see how easy or difficult it can be to learn everything you need to know to be successful on your own. I will be documenting my progress from my very first attempt to how far and how much I will learn about tattooing in the 3 months of the project.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

MX: Self Evaluation

This semester has been really fun, this project is one that I am probably most proud of. From the beginning, I'm glad that we chose to go with my idea and chose to do something challenging. We didn't limit ourselves and I think it really shows in our final project. Working in a group of 3 was challenging at times, but we managed to divide and conquer and get everything done on time. I wish I would of gotten to animate and learned more about After Effects but I'm glad my partners knew what they were doing even if I couldn't help them as much as I wanted to. I really wish we would of had more time to work on this project and been able to flush out the program completely, even though I know it would of taken months if not years to be fully functional. This class was really fun and of this semester this is the project I liked the most.