Wednesday, August 27, 2014

MX Research

6 Shifts in Education:
In this article they divide shifts in education driven by technology into 3 groups, depending on the length of time they are being introduced into the educational system. The first is the near term shift that teachers use technology to help themselves learn and develop their teaching practices. The hope is that students will be able to better immerse themselves in the subject matter. The mid-range shift is on the policy level of education, making high quality educational content more accessible. The third is long term shifts that look at how schools work and allows for an authentic learning experience.

A Real Paradigm Shift in Education:
This article written by a teacher and writer who contributes to textbooks by Prentice-Hall talks about the how the core curriculum is essentially flawed. These curriculums and tests are developed by the government and not by educators. He says that the educational system doesn't allow for new ideas and doesn't support students who learn non-traditionally.

Visual Advocacy

I am most excited for this class and this project. I have often had trouble when someone asks me what I am passionate about, always having a hard time to think about one thing that I really have a passion for. Since I have always been interested in and decently good at multiple things, I never really felt a spark or connection to one specific subject. While watching We Are Superman though, I was more emotional than I have been about anything else lately. I truly feel that advocacy is what I want to do with my life. Since I was little I wanted to join the peace corps, as I grew up more I wanted to be a part of the ASPCA. No matter what it is I would decide, I always knew that I just wanted to change the world somehow. There are so many issues and causes that I want to be involved in. I'm very apathetic about many subjects and often I hate people and society, but I think that is a lot of the reason that I feel that I need to try and change it as much as I can. Before last semester I just felt that design would be a job for me and nothing more, I had no passion for it, and really lost all desire to do it until I realized that I could use my degree to do something greater. I was really looking forward to learning from Tyler this semester because I know he shares that same goal but I am excitingly looking at this year to really find myself and how I can design for good while still providing for myself and my family.
The readings that we assigned were especially significant. I loved the Good Citizenship article where she mentions that design can never surpass the quality of its content. This rings especially true for me and I wholly feel that the best designs are the ones where the designers feel for the content and they can evoke emotion from the viewer.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Branding/Product Design-Get Bent

My finished products for the Get Bent brand surf wax. These products and advertisements were geared toward the surf culture, playing on the language that would be common knowledge to surfers.

Surf Subculture Branding by Brittany Nicole Huff

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Progress on Surf culture branding

So far I have come up with the diamond shaped logo for the brand Get Bent that is geared toward surf culture. I did both logos, one for print and one for digital. I will be packing two types of surf wax and zinc oxide sunscreen. These are some of my components that will go on the packing for the surf wax.

Thursday, March 6, 2014